What is Mint Apparel?


As an aspiring brand, we believe in going beyond just producing top quality shirts. We believe in establishing a lifestyle: the lifestyle of Mint Apparel. With professionalism, finesse and quality apparent in every aspect of our brand, we aim to style the man of today – the man who goes beyond bounds to reach excellence, the man who aims for the skies, the man who leaps for success – the man who wears nothing short of Mint.
Your emotions imminently shape who you are, your outlook of the world, and your response to the happenings in your environment. Let Mint Apparel help you bring out just the right emotions & help you succeed whether you are at work, dinner, beach or casually enjoying valuable time with your friends. Mint Apparel’s unique designs, cuts and stitching allows our fabric to fall at just the right place, allowing you to feel comfortable, graceful and confident so you are better equipped to face your daily challenges, no matter where you may be!
Currently, we offer the following three categories:

Mint Premier

Immaculate stitching, smooth fabric, and modern luxurious looks are the pillars of Mint Premier. If you’re the kind of man who likes to be impeccably dressed in every situation, then Mint Premier is for you. Shop Now!

Mint Executive

Mint Executive is the perfect selection for today’s modern and aspiring executive. It offers the perfect blend between office wear and formal wear, ensuring that you are suitably dressed for every occasion. Shop Now!

Mint Weekend

Mint Weekend is for the passionate, the bold and the young at heart. Its casual look combined with stylish designs and bright colors give it a twist from the formal look, enabling you to stand out from the crowd. Shop Now!

Dress elegantly with Mint Apparel.

Go ahead: wear Mint, take on the world.